Warranty and Faulty Policy 




At Sofas'n'Beds you can buy with a peace of mind and have no worry about the sofas you buy from us. All of our sofas come with one year manufactures warranty. We believe in our product and it will provide you with the comfort you need. 


As for our Beds, our police is similar, you have up to one year warranty which covers for any manufactures fault and a replacement part or a replacement of the item will be provided of free of charge. Each case and item will have its own discretion. However anything after a year that becomes faulty we will be kind enough to assist you in replacing the faulty part which will be at an extra cost and also subject to availability of the product or part.


Please note any faulty claims after a year either will not be accepted or will be at additional charged.


How to claim:


If you face any issues with any of the furniture and wish to claim through your one-year warranty policy, you will have to write into us giving us full details of what has happened and also we will need clear pictures of the fault too. Once that has been sent in we will asses your claim within 48 hours and respond with the outcome. You will also need to provide us with your invoice too.