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With an extensive selection of home goods and decor along with superior customer service, sofas 'n' beds helps you find exactly what you need. Keep exploring to learn more about what we have to offer.

Windsor High Back Range 

Our Windsor High Back Range is one not to miss. A sofa made for any style room guest or relaxing with your loved ones and colours that will blend with any shade of room!

Ferguson Jumbo Cord

Our Ferguson is a very attractive sofa which will want you to dive in and relax.

Ferguson JC 4.png

The Mulberry Range 

Our Mulbery Range is designed to bring luxury and elegance into any styled living room.

Mulberry Corner sofa.png

Chicago LuxVelvet

Our Chicago LuxVelvet is simply designed for comfort and luxury! It's fine fabric is designed for all types of accessorises you may want to put on it.

Chicago Lux Chorcoal.png

The Oakland Range 

The Oakland is very elegant faux leather styled sofa which is hand crafted and made for pure comfort, the suede material also gives it a soft and warmth finish. 

The Graceland

The Graceland is very distinctive sofa with its unique scattered cushions patterns, as pleasing to the eyes it is as comfortable to sit on. 


About Sofas 'n' Beds

Sofas 'n' Beds is a online store that curates an extensive collection of furnishings and home goods that constantly evolves to fit our customers needs. To ensure our products are top of the line, we collaborate with the best brands and designers in the industry.

Our ethos is to provide high quality furnishing at reasonable prices. Whilst ensuring that we will never compromise on the quality, supplying only the best standard of products and service.

Once you find what you’re looking for, we guarantee a smooth checkout and delivery experience with 7 day support.



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bought sofa last week spoke to guy who promised it would be here within 7-10 days as he knew we were sitting on floor meant to be delivered today its not here took day off work for no reason called company only to be told it would be atleast another week before i get it have now asked for my money back hoping they do it without my bank having to inform fraud squad to get my money refunded definatley not a proper shop same guy seems to work in sofas n beds and run a delivery company but still cant get a sofa out as promised even though i was charged £100 for a delivery that was just cancelled because a van has a fault in it ?? very very strange set up please stay away this is a back street set up run by young kids whom cant keep promises and expects customers to just wait till their van is fixed before i can get a sofa sounds crazy no well known sofa or bed place would run a business this way pay the bit extra and go to dfs,wayfair,amazon


Tracy Alisa

Thank you so much.. I thought I’d give you a try but didn’t expect much to be honest (for the price). I can honestly say I am delighted.. I got exactly what I wanted promptly and with a cheeky grin! ❤️ my sofa.
Thank you thank you thank you.


Sharon Springer

The bed was very nice, I couldnt have ordered one better. The customer service was nice I was abit unsure which bed to buy the team helped to choose the right one and they showed me how to apply the 10% discount code which is very nice of them too!


David Thompson

Had the settee delivered in first week in Feb. Unfortunately not delivered with correct feet. and beared no resemblance to the advert Company said no problems and would send correct ones. Still nothing 10 weeks later where they are ignoring emails and no answers to the telephone. On top of this on delivery there was no respect for social distancing/face coverings, only to be told on questioning that the deliveries MAY have exemptions????? I am pretty sure this must be a 'back alley' operation and would suggest to keep away based on my experience.



Fab sofa, cant fault it. Came as described nice and comfy.


Claire Huddson

Lovely sofa! It came as seen on the site, I was abit skeptical to order at first but when It arrived. It was lovely. The delivery guys were nice enough to fit it in set it up as I needed. Would order again!


Nadine Wells

Sofa itself is nice but very low to the floor. Sofa 8/10,



My sofa came in it was lovely and they set up well and how I needed it. They worked around my busy schedule for delivery which was fab!


Phil Porter

I received the sofa yesterday, really good quality and comfortable. They were the cheapest online and they certainly lived up to there standards.


Brian Brown

I went for the Chicago LuxCorner and 3+2 Seater in Charcoal. The material is as its in the pictures, the 2 and 3 seaters pictures are abit different in shade for the charcoal but they looked a lot like the corner sofa pictures. Nice sofa nice team, No hassle!


Dont forget to use our "Autumn10%" code on check out to get 10% off